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FINAL DESTINATION franchise creator and horror writer JEFFREY REDDICK is inducted into BOOBS & BLOOD’S HALL OF FAME. Previous Honorees include QUENTIN TARANTINO, YUTAKA IKEJIMA and ROGER CORMAN.

“It’s an honor to recognize the influence Jeffrey Reddick’s work has had, not only on the franchise but its influence on the horror genre in general,” says festival founder Miles Flanagan. “And we wanted to celebrate his work and those in the horror business with a horror & burlesque party like no-other. Get ready for some fun!”

The FINAL DESTINATION franchise is one of the most popular horror franchises in recent years, so much so that its cultural impact and its name has become part of our modern day lexicon.

As REDDICK himself comments, “As we come upon the 19-year anniversary of the release of the film, as a writer and horror fan, I still get thrilled whenever I hear someone say, “That’s a Final Destination moment.”  Or when someone sends me a picture, or meme, of someone behind a log truck with a note – “Screw you Reddick.”

Red carpet photo ops, a fun Q&A with journalist Pat Jankiewicz, and table signings follow. Expect a few FINAL DESTINATION alumni too to honor the great Mr. REDDICK.

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