On October 5th B&B held the first annual SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON. Thanks to all our fabulous SCREAM QUEENS for making the event so much fun. Thanks to Beverly Randolph, Naomi Grossman, Elissa Dowling, Christine Nguyen, Holly Fields, Asun Ortega and Max Wasa. And not forgetting our amazing host and moderator, the great Pat Jankiewicz.

Featuring 7 of the best Scream Queens and horror actresses in the business (2 couldn’t make it)  SCREAM QUEEN-ATHON’s guests included Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story’s ‘Pepper’), Asun Ortega (Nude Nuns With Big Guns – 2010), Max Wasa (Scarface, House of Manson, Death House), Christine Nguyen (Edgar Allen Poe’s Decapitarium 3-D – 2018), Elissa Dowling (Bus Party to Hell, Tales of Halloween), Holly Fields (Wishmaster 2, Seedpeople) and Beverly Randolph (Return of the Living Dead, Death House).

Following red carpet photo ops, we had a fun Q&A with journalist Pat Jankiewicz and table signings. All evening entertainment included Go-Go dancing with Mishka Mars, DJ HiJinxx, and retro-rock band WYLDEWOOD GREEN.

This event raised awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Charity – monies were raised from a percentage of the box office, raffles, sponsors and VIP tickets – donated to registered charity FEEL YOUR BOOBIES.