One Reply to “More Festival Fun!”

  1. Love these Interview Clips! Loved seeing it on the ‘Big-Screen’! My Review of ‘HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS’
    & ‘PERVERT’ is still Online now Promoting this Festival!!!
    Please take look at Then Click on ‘DITA’s DEN’. Also see DITA’s past ‘Online-Interview’
    w/Fred Olen Ray by Clicking on the ‘MORGUE’ at Had a blast and can’t wait to Promote next
    years ‘BOOBS AND BLOOD FILM FEST’ again in 2011!
    Thanks for having this Festival guys!!! Much appreciated!
    ‘Horror/Cult Host,
    ‘Horror/Cult Movie-Reviewer’
    Darell Erazo;Producer of;’HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN’
    On W.H.P.A.-TV Channel 36 on ‘Time Warner Cable’

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